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Windows 7 Compatible ~ DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4.30.0305.77 + PATCH +INSTRUCTIONS

Minggu, 03 Mei 2009

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4.30.0305.77 Windows7 CompatibleWhat's new:

- Image Editor;
- Windows 7 beta supporting (SPTD 1.58 ) ;
- Explorer images context command "Edit Image...";
- Agent command line parameter "help";
- mdf-file type association option;
- Output image type switcher (mds/iso) on Disc Imaging dialog;
- Languages updates.

Bugs fixed:

- Iterative DTProHlp.exe UAC confirmation at DTPro startup;
- Adapters switching from Virtual Device Manager under user account with enabled UAC;
- Access denied message with DTPro started under user account;
- Program Compatibility Assistant issue of setup;
- Lock media during disc imaging issues;
- Some GUI issues with not default DPI;
- Folders in Image Catalog get cloned;
- Device icon with mounted image that has "Custom Icon";
- Send request dialog closing after success sending;
- Tab switching in DTPro issues;
- Drag & drop images from Explorer improving;
- Agent: Recently Used Images icons displaying;
- Shell Extensions engine improving;
- Setup improving: Unicode supporting;
- Some minor GUI bugs.

All DAEMON Tools features are now available in one solution — DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced.

Image Editor is now included in DAEMON Tools Pro!
Create new images or edit existing ones with easy tool– Image Editor. Run it directly from DAEMON Tools or Windows Explorer.
You can add, replace, delete files that image contains. Don’t forget about support of various image types.
Create, edit, manage and burn images with only one powerful application– DAEMON Tools Pro!

Use full DAEMON Tools Pro functionality: create images using preset profiles, make necessary changes to image data if needed, compress data, split image files, protect your image information, burn to CD/DVD, emulate not only CD/DVD but also HD DVD and Blu-ray drives.

Plus get even more virtual CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray drives. With DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced you have ability to create 32 virtual devices.

Only DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced has a special feature for advanced users — possibility to emulate not only SCSI but also IDE virtual devices.

If all English letters are already assigned to devices and there is no free one left then you can still create virtual devices but without letters. With DAEMON Tools Pro it is possible!

But if your drive doesn’t have a letter you won’t see it in My Computer. How to get mounted image data on such drive then? DAEMON Tools Pro lets you assign folder to virtual drive and then access your virtual disc data opening this assigned folder in My Computer.

Do you have collection of different disc images types where each has some specificity? Can’t you protect some images due to their format restrictions? Do you want all images in catalog to have a single format? — Convert your image files to Media Descriptor format (*.mds/*.mdf files). It is DAEMON Tools native format and supports all DT Pro functionality. Feel free to use variety of tools and possibilities with MDS/MDF format for disc images.

Download DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4.30.0305.77 + PATCH +INSTRUCTIONS

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