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Virtual RC Racing v3.1

Jumat, 08 Mei 2009

So you’re the typical r/c racer that can’t wait for the weekend? VIRTUAL RC RACING brings exciting r/c racing to your PC. Download the FREE TRIAL software and learn the basics of controlling an r/c racing car on the VRC Stunt & Drifter Park or take on the 9 computer opponent cars on the exciting Oslo or RC Speedway track to see what VRC has to offer in the racing department.

So start downloading the VRC software now. The Stunt & Drifter Park can easily be raced using keyboard input, for the other 2 tracks you would need at least a joystick or better a VRC controller or adaptor. After downloading and installing the trial software you must register and create a VRC account. You can now play the 3 free tracks. If you want more tracks you can purchase the VRC full software from the VRC e-shop. The full game (software + tracks) is also available on CD-Rom from selected VRC dealers. Additional tracks can be purchased from the e-shop as Track Expansion Packs. To compete in online competitions you do not need a VRC Racing License. The VRC full software comes with an unlimited racing license! Hook up our unique VRC USB adaptor or the VRC USB controller and you’re ready to experience real r/c on your pc.

VIRTUAL RC RACING is the ultimate r/c learning tool AND the ultimate r/c racing sim. Its graphics, sound, control, AI cars and game play are so realistic that you will soon be using VIRTUAL RC RACING to prepare for your next r/c race. The only thing missing is the smell of nitro! Improve your driving, set-up and race strategy skills while having lots of fun and excitement.



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