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PS2 Emulator For PC

Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

 PS2 Emulator For PCPS2 Emulator:
Click-2U Playstation 2 Emulator is an emulator which can load Playstation 2 CD/DVD´s and run the game like A Playstation 2. This Software contains all BIOS for all Countries. Also has the best plugins for the best quality. The new version is 600% faster than the previous version.

Download :

How To Use an Emulator:

1. Some Emulators have a folder set as the default for games, make sure the ROM file goes in that folder. If there is no folder automatically set, you will have to set one yourself.

2. Most Emulators have a (File>Open ROM) option, so do that, and a box will appear to select your game file.

3. Pick the game you want to play (The ROM file).


1. Run at Full Speed, 600 time faster then the Old one.
2. Doesn't Support ISOs.
3. Play one PSX and PS2 CDs/DVDs.

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