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MDSolids v3.5.0

Senin, 04 Mei 2009

MDSolids is educational software for students taking the Mechanics of Materials course (also commonly called Strength of Materials or Mechanics of Deformable Solids). This course is typically a part of civil,mechanical, and aerospace engineering programs and a number of related programs.

The software features educational routines for beams, flexure, torsion members, columns, axial structures, statically indeterminate structures,trusses, section properties, and Mohr's circle analysis including stress transformations and strain transformations.

What's new?
* Animated Games and Learning Tools - Sixteen games and learning tools for topics such as:
o Shear force and bending moment diagrams
o Section properties (centroids, moment of inertia, Q)
o Stress transformation equations
o Mohr's circle stress transformations
o Mohr's circle strain transformations

* MDSolids Navigator - Brief instructions to help you use MDSolids with current editions of Mechanics of Materials textbooks by:
o Beer, Johnston, and DeWolf, 3rd Edition
o Craig, 2nd Edition
o Gere, 5th Edition
o Hibbeler, 4th Edition
o Riley, Sturges, and Morris, 5th Edition
* Two new routines for statically indeterminate torsion members: coaxial shafts and end-to-end shafts
* Added an option to switch the determinate beam moment diagram plotting convention
* Added two more determinate beam design options
* Added calculations for beam curvature and fully plastic moments


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