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Download ~ Advanced Photo Recovery 2.0

Senin, 04 Mei 2009

Advanced Photo Recovery 2.0Advanced Photo Recovery is a cost effective way of recovering lost digital photos from memory cards , digital cameras and mobile phones. It supports all major memory cards and works with all major memory card readers.
Advanced Photo Recovery is risk free and only reads your memory card using advanced analysis methods that allow it to pick up jpg images on corrupt or damaged media using it couldnt be simpler simply select the memory card drive letter and click scan.

The recovery process for the most part is automatic , at the initial stage you will have to select a memory stick this should be the drive letter that corresponds to your memory stick , if you are using a mobile phone or digital camera directly connected to the computer it is required to support mass media storage and appear as a removable drive in windows explor , if your phone or camera does not support this you will be required to use a memory card reader these are cheapily available online.

Once the recovery process has started a progress bar will show you the time left , this depends on the size of the memory card but should take no more that 10 minutes during this time you will see a list of files it finds.

If you have recently deleted files or formatted your card ensure you avoid writing any new files to it untill youve performed a full recovery otherwise the effectiveness of the program may be reduced.


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