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Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum v20

Senin, 04 Mei 2009

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum v20Complete re-designed, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum 20 continues to deliver the same level of excellence when it comes to typing instruction and practice. Mavis Beacon's unrivaled training program guarantees improvement in only 2 weeks, making this the ideal solution for:

* Professionals
* Home users
* Students ages 8 & up
* Employment Agencies
* Small Businesses and Corporations
* Anyone else hoping to improve their typing skills

With an all-new user interface and re-designed features and functionality, we've done what we didn't think was possible - we've made Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing even better!

Here are just some of the improvements we've made to the leading typing instruction program available:

Core Curriculum Improvements
While the core curriculum within Mavis Beacon remains as effective as ever, we've introduced a Curriculum Map to make it easier for users to see where they are in the overall training program.

New Games
Mavis Beacon's 2 brand new games and 14 re-designed games will all contribute to your typing experience, providing you with fun challenges while you practice.

More Practice Content
With over 420 different sessions and passages, there is something for everyone in the Practice Area. New content includes passages and sessions from literary classics, recipes, autobiographies of such luminaries as Charles Darwin and even Wikipedia entries. You'll find yourself learning while you're improving your typing!

Enhanced Language Options
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum 20 offers enhanced language options. With a Spanish mode, both Spanish- and English-language learners can get more out of Mavis Beacon's award-winning curriculum.


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