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Aero Hilled for Win7 7068 x86

Kamis, 30 April 2009

Aero Hilled for Win7 7068 x86From the author: This is my new theme called Aero Hilled.
This name beacause i have succeed to make a multishellstyle theme, and i wanna to thanks to Panda X for his great discover and helping me out.

Please before download and install read all the text and make a backup of all original files.

This version of theme is only for Windows 7 build 7068 x86 and i'm not responsable if your sistem takes errors.
You install this on your own responsability. This works with no errors on my system.

Whats new:
- added multishellstyle with 4 folder color (generic, documents, pictures, music/videos)
- new start panel reworked at some requests
- new orb with no flames effect (in org folder you will find the flame version to)
- new taskbar (more transparency and this depends of the color that is chosed)
- clock and date is now more visible
- new items on the taskbar
- topshellstyle
- topshellstyle for games folder
- new left panel picture
- new welcome center picture
- fixed some bugs

- new sidebar that can be customizable with sidebar styler
- 3D picture workings but it shows only user picture
- stacks (thanks to Matias Moreno for this great patch)
- logon changer
- take control (to take control of all files that you need to replace)

- black text on detailed pane, left panel and command bar (if someone know how to make it white please help)

Thanks for you all that helped me.

Any comments are welcomed.

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